Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Nail Polish Haul!

Hey Beauts,

So I'm not quite sure if every university has this, but at Derby they have little stalls in the main hub of the building and from time to time they have a make-up / nail polish stall. Being a sucker for reduced priced products I always get dragged over and end up with a little something in my hands. So here is a mini haul of what I picked up this time! 

Now there is a slight story behind Mavala nail polish as when I was younger and my mum used to buy them, she would always tell me that I wasn't allowed to use that brand of her nail polish as it was super expensive and a treat for herself. So obviously it is now stuck in my head as being a very high end product. So when I saw Mavala nail polishes on this stand for £2 each I thought 'get in!' and picked up these three shades in 335 Pacific Blue, 176 Racing Green and 202 Music Hall which was especially for my mum as she loves a good red nail polish. I also picked up this beautiful red Revlon nail polish for mummabear too, but unfortunatly the writing had all been rubbed off, so I don't exactly know what colour it is, but when I opened it, there was no nail polish around the lid of the bottle so I could tell it hadn't been used before. It has super fine gold shimmers in though and was especially gorgeous knowing it was only £3!

Next up I picked some Rimmel polishes (from left to right) Space Dust - Shooting Star, 60 Seconds - Out of the Blue, Precious Stones - Diamond Dust and 60 Seconds - Green with Envy. I love anything blue or glittery and sparkling on my finger nails as it is such a pretty colour to look at :) Green with Envy was actually bought for nostalgia purposes as it was the first nail polish I purchased with my own money. These again were £2 each and such a bargain! I just couldn't resist!

I hope you all enjoyed this mini nail polish haul. What kind of colours do you like to wear on your nails and what makes you smile when you glance at them? Comment below to let me know and I will customise future nail polish tutorials to your favourite colours. Remember to follow on GFC and Blog Lovin' so you don't miss out on future posts and I will speak to you again soon! 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Aqua Blue Glittery Nails!

Hey Beauts,

Now in a recent post about nail polishes, I mentioned how much I love it when my nails are blue and glittery and have sparkles all over. Some may say it is a bit over the top, but from time to time everyone loves to go a bit over the top, almost like wearing a red lip in the day time (which I do most days). Following this, I thought I would show you how I'm loving wearing my nails at the moment!

So I started by applying my favourite base coat, after that I placed two coats of OPI Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection on every nail and let it dry for a good hour as a lot of glitter polish is about to come. On my ring finger I placed a coat of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mermaid's Tale (my all time favourite polish) and on every other nail I painted a coat of Barry M - 340 Aqua Glitter. As if this wasn't enough glitter I then put a layer of Rimmel Lasting Perfection 500 - Disco Ball on my ring nail and thumb nail for that extra sparkle! Finish with a super shiny top coat for extra shine and you're done! The perfect glittery nail manicure that looks beautiful in any colour you choose!

Remember to comment down below on what colour/style manicure or nail art you would like to see next, I love a challenge and to give a couple of tips to help out with nail polish art to make it easier. Did you enjoy this post and would you wear your nails as glittery as this on a daily basis? Don't forget to follow on GFC and Blog Lovin' and I will speak to you again soon. <3 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Friday, 9 May 2014

Cute & Dainty Bracelets!

Hey Beauts,

So the other day I saw someone post on Facebook about these bracelets that you tie on and eventually they fall off and in return you are granted a wish or good luck or something along those lines. Whilst you might be thinking I am crazy for thinking myths like that are true, you are wrong! The reason I purchased a couple are because the bracelets are absolutely adorable.  

So obviously I had to pick up an elephant because it's an elephant and I picked the red colour because it matched the red string on the dinosaur, which again is absolutely adorable! The idea behind the bracelet is cute, however quite bonkers if you don't mind me saying. The reason I purchased them though is because I am really bad when it comes to throwing things away or losing things, especially things I really like. Since purchasing these, I have lost the dinosaur and the elephant broke. For once though, I am happy about it, because I got a little bit of happiness from them and whilst I owned them, they were of course - adorable. 

To top it off, when purchasing these, in the notes to the buyer I wrote 'Do you consider these notes? If so, draw a smiley face' and when I received the package in the post, there was indeed a smiley face in the package which completely made my day! Have you ever purchased anything from TinyWishes? Don't you think these bracelets are super cute? Tell me below what you think of them, I'd love to hear your opinions and remember to follow on GFC and BlogLovin' if you aren't already! Speak to you next time :) <3 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Delicious Chicken Noodle Soup!

Hey Beauts,

So since the last recipe post went down really well and you all walked away with mouth-watering feelings, I thought I would do another post. Because I am quite ill at the moment - Sore throat, blocked nose & no voice I decided to make some soup that was really easy to eat, yet still tasty! This is what I came out with!

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes


900ml Chicken Stock
1 Chicken Breast
1 Teaspoon Ginger
1 Garlic Clove
50g Noodles
2 Tablespoons Sweetcorn
Half an Onion
Soy Sauce
Basil Leaves

1 - Chopping!
Take the ginger and slice finely.
Take the garlic and chop finely.
Take the onion chop into small pieces.
Take the basil leaves and cut up.

2 - Cooking!
Pour the chicken stock into a pan.
Add the chicken, ginger and garlic.
Bring to the boil and then reduce the heat to let simmer for 20 minutes.

3 - Adding! 
Take the chicken out of the pan carefully and shred between two forks and add back into the pan.
At the same time, also add the sweetcorn, onions, noodles and a few drops of soy sauce.

4 - Eat! 
Ladle into two bowls, add the chopped basil leaves and soy sauce and enjoy.

This recipe tasted absolutely delicious and the steam from the bowl opened up my airways. Perfection. Even dipping bread and butter in was scrumptious, so I highly suggest testing this recipe out! If you do try it out, be sure to leave a comment down below telling me what you would change about this recipe and how it turned out for you. Did you enjoy it? and do you like these recipe posts? Remember to follow on GFC and BlogLovin' if you aren't already and I will speak to you again soon. :) <3

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Accessorize haul!

Hey Beauts,

Let's begin with me saying that I am so so so so SO sorry for the lack of posts in April. As you know, all my deadlines for university were in April and now I have finished! I am currently enjoying my days off from work doing absolutely nothing and the joy of not having to worry about university work every other second is very welcoming. 2 posts for April was absolutely disgusting for a whole month in the blogging world, so May will bring a hell of a lot more posts for you all to enjoy! 

So way back at Christmas I was given a £10 gift card for Accessorize. Having never shopped properly in Accessorize before due to thinking it was too expensive, this time I was proven wrong. I went in looking for a nice black handbag, but as there was only small black bags and I was looking for something a little bigger, I came out with these beauties instead.

I picked up a set of 10 multi coloured/shaped stud earrings as for the past three or so years I haven't worn earrings on a daily basis and I thought it was time to get a set of earrings that I could wear regularly. I thought this set was the best as I could get away with wearing any of these (except maybe the blue ones) to work, without getting into trouble. So far they've been proving great and the backs fit on nice and tight. Perfect. These were £8.

Next I just had to pick up some elephant jewellery. I know I will hardly be able to wear the elephant earrings due to being at work all of the time, but I just couldn't leave them behind. Do any of you do that where you pick something up and you know you shouldn't buy it, but you've already picked it up and you can't put it back down. Well that is what I ended up doing. They were only £5, so I thought what the heck! :)

Lastly I picked up the gorgeous elephant necklace at £7. They also had a larger and longer necklace which was a little bit more expensive, but I decided to be good and save a little money. They also had both necklaces in a silver colour and a golden colour. I wish I could buy them all! This necklace is super cute though and I've been getting a lot of use out of it. The little delicate details are so adorable and perfect. Elephants are the best! :D  

I hope you enjoyed this little haul and I promise posts will come out more regularly now. What do you think of these purchases? Are you loving these elephant pieces too? Aren't they just adorable?! Leave a comment down below letting me know, I love reading all your feedback. If you aren't already, follow on GFC and Bloglovin' so you don't miss out on any future posts! <3 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Body Shop Lip Butter - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So a quick review today of The Body Shop Lip Butters! I owned one of these about 5 years ago and discovered the empty pot of it just before Christmas which in turn made me remember how much I used to love these Lip Butters! After purchasing 3 more and trying them out again for the past few months, I am ready to give you my honest opinion! 

As you can see in the picture, I ended up purchasing the Mango, Shea and Coconut flavours, they came in a set of three but can be purchased separately for £4 each. Not bad for 10ml worth of product. The flavours can certainly be smelt/tasted when using them and are very true flavours for what they are representing and don't taste artificial at all. Along with that, the formula of these isn't sticky, which is a bonus as sticky things on the lips personally annoys me and just ends up making my hair sticky too. The product lasts on your lips for about 10 minutes in a pale white colour before disappearing, which again in my opinion is great because if you use it before applying make up, by the time you get to putting lipstick on, your lips will be perfectly soft. 

Now don't get me wrong, this product does leave my lips lovely and soft if used on a regular basis, but from reading other reviews and my own personal experience, if your lips are already chapped and flaky, this product won't help at all. It usually just forms balls of lip butter and dry skin on your lips and to me, it sounds and feels disgusting. I highly recommend having one of these in your stash for an everyday basis, especially one that tastes beautiful (such as the mango one) but also having something like Nivea for those days when your lips are chapped and need some extra care! 

Have any of you tried The Body Shop Lip Butters out? And if so, what do you think of them? What is your favourite scent? And do you have any other lip balms that you think I should try out? Leave your comments down below so I can hear your opinions! If you enjoyed this post or any others that you have read, don't forget to follow of GFC and Blog Lovin' so you don't miss out on any future posts. Until next time; 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick 001 - Review!

Hey Beauts,

So I'm back and thought I would write a little review on my favourite lip stick at the moment, the Kate Moss lipstick in 001 by Rimmel. Why is this my favourite lip stick at the moment you may ask? Firstly, I love a good red lip and secondly, if I get compliments about looking great with a red lip, I will continue to wear that same red lip that receives compliments! Who doesn't love a good compliment?! I certainly do! And lastly, this colour is a perfect dupe for my favourite red MAC lipstick in Brave Red. As much as I love feeling special when wearing my MAC lipsticks, I really don't want them to run out! This lipstick definatly serves well for an everyday lip! 

So what is it about this lipstick that I love? Well to begin, the price isn't arm breakingly bad, at only £5.49. I could buy nearly three of these for the same price as my beloved MAC Brave Red. On top of that, this lipstick really is 'lasting perfection'. From 7am in the morning when I first apply this lippy to about 3-4pm in the afternoon when I look in a mirror and this will still be on my lips, the same deep rich colour, even after eating and drinking. and to top it off, I'm talking to people all day where I work, so it isn't as though my lips don't move all day! When this colour does start to wear off (finally) it leaves a lovely (it's not that lovely) red line around my lips, almost as if I would be wearing lip liner. But as long as you reapply at the right time, it really isn't a problem.
As for application of this lipstick, it glides on smoothly and is such a creamy formula meaning it does not dry your lips out and you don't really need to put gloss on top for a shiny finish as it really is good enough on its own! The lipstick itself also has a very pleasant smell and is just an all round amazing red lipstick. 

I hope you enjoy a red lip as much as I do, and I really suggest trying this colour out if you don't know where to start when it comes to red lips as it definatly won't break your bank balance! Comment down below of any other great red lipsticks that you think I should try out? and if you did or didn't get along with this lipstick? I'd love to hear your opinions! If you enjoyed this post, or any others that you have read, please remember to follow on GFC and Blog Lovin' and I will speak to you again soon! <3

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Little Update!

Hey Beauts,

Look at me! Writing a blog post! In my lecture! In all seriousness though, this lecture is so super boring, I thought I would supply you beauts with an update of what is going on with me and a picture of how I look today, rough, tired, over-worked and in a 5-9pm lecture! 
Let me start off by telling you beauts that I am so sorry for the lack of posts this month and in particular the last couple of weeks. I've mentioned before that I am in my final few weeks at University and the work load is getting really big (almost impossible). Plus I started back at actual work last weekend, full-time. It's an active job and I sleep as soon as I get in from work and wake up in the morning 10 minutes before I have to leave for work. It leaves me completely shattered. So with 2 days a week for uni work, I am getting pretty stressy. Let me tell you now that more that 8 strops/tantrums/crying fits have been had in the past week alone. 

Just so you know my dissertation is due on the 7th, tv & tourism essay on the 16th and finally all print production work on the 28th - all in April. After the dissertation has been handed in, expect a lot more posts! I have lots planned including hauls, competition winnings, recipes, tutorials, NOTD/FOTD/OOTD, reviews and more. But please do leave in the comments what you would like to see from me? Again I know I haven't been posting, but as soon as I do, I hope you won't want to miss out on anything - so remember to follow on Bloglovin' and GFC! 

Finally, thanks to all of you who have stuck by my blog and I whilst I haven't been posting, it really means a lot! <3 

Be happyBe beautiful and Be YOU!
Ellie, xx